Music Make You Lose Control – or Motivate Me

Music is a huge part of my writing process! It helps set the mood, focuses me, and gives me that extra emotional boost I sometimes need to get through a tough scene. It helps me channel vague impressions and feelings into concrete words. I’ll admit, sometimes – okay, a lot of times – I’ll spend my time searching for new music that fits my story instead of writing like I should be. It’s that important. 

Songs that capture the essence of my book or a character will immediately transport me into the story. It doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing – my mind goes straight to the story. And in that sense, it can work for other people too. If you listen to one of those said songs, it would be like a musical preview of my book. Which is really cool if you think about it.

So, here is my book inspired Spotify playlist. The title is for the first book of The Knowing Trilogy, Learning to See, but the songs are really a collaboration for the whole trilogy.

Another Book Teaser!

  “Christopher told her not to worry, but that was all she could do. And she felt her worry was justified when some supernatural power overtook her body at random intervals and she didn’t know how to stop it.”   Read more! Buy it on Amazon!…

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Book Teaser!

       “You ok?” he asked. He was sitting beside her, his eyes looking her up and down and searching her face.        She squinted at him. “No.” Her head felt like it just exploded. All the sounds and colors of the diner suddenly seemed too loud and bright. Her senses were on overdrive…

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6 Reasons to Read my Book

  My first book, Learning to See, was just published last week. Yay! And as a new book, I know many readers are hesitant to take a chance on it, especially without many reviews. Hey, I do it too, no worries. BUT, that being said, it falls to me to tell you why you SHOULD buy…

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Book Summary

Here’s a quick summary of my book Learning to See  now available on Amazon   And I just want to say readers don’t give authors enough credit when it comes to writing the book synopsis. It is HARD! How do you condense an entire novel down to a paragraph? The summary was the last thing…

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