Here’s a quick summary of my book Learning to See  now available on


And I just want to say readers don’t give authors enough credit when it comes to writing the book synopsis. It is HARD! How do you condense an entire novel down to a paragraph? The summary was the last thing I did when it came to publishing this book. Despite having years to come up with a description as I dilly-daddled with getting the book done, it was something I kept putting off because nothing seemed right. This is the first impression readers are going to get and I agonized over what to include, what to not give away, how people were going to perceive what I wrote, and so on and so on. It drove me nuts!


But, at the eleventh hour – literally, it was like eleven o’clock at night when I did this – I came up with this bad boy:

“I’m obviously not blind,” she huffed and crossed her arms.
Apparently her eyes were a sore spot. He could see how people might assume she was blind. Her eyes were translucent in a way he’d never seen before.
“I didn’t think you were. I think you see better than most people.”
He saw the color in her face drain out before she bolted up looking at the exit.
“Stay. Please,” he asked softly, leaning across the table. “I need your help.”

Rosie has an affliction her family refuses to talk about. One that killed her grandmother, one that will likely kill her. Diagnosis: being psychic. Rather than being a cool ability, Rosie fears the random flashes of the future that leave her emotionally crippled, ostracized by her mother, and prevent her from having a normal life. It seems like an unbearable condition until Agent McGarrett shows up promising answers and a purpose for her gift.
But will those answers help Rosie or just confirm her fears were justified?

Read the whole book and let me know what you think! I love nothing more than discussing my novel 🙂