6 Reasons to Read my Book


My first book, Learning to See, was just published last week. Yay! And as a new book, I know many readers are hesitant to take a chance on it, especially without many reviews. Hey, I do it too, no worries. BUT, that being said, it falls to me to tell you why you SHOULD buy my book and give it a read.

Reason 1: I’d really appreciate it! To you, it’s just buying another book, to me it means you’re helping to fulfill my dream.




Reason 2: I might be bias, but this is an awesome story. It has a little of everything. Crime/mystery, urban fantasy, coming of age. There is no insta-love and no love triangle. In fact, you might get annoyed how long I draw the romantic development out, but hey, it builds anticipation and I have two books left in the trilogy. Gotta save something for later. And quick disclaimer: there is nothing wrong with insta-love or love triangles. I’ve read a couple series where there’s been a love octagon or larger. Love it! It just wasn’t right for this particular story. However, I know some of you are tired with the colluded romantic web we authors weave so that’s why I mentioned it.

Reason 3: If you do love it, there’s two more books in the series! Heck yeah!






Reason 4: The book is less than $5. That’s one cup of coffee. Now, I don’t suggest skipping the coffee – that was just a price reference – I recommend reading my book while drinking your coffee. See, Rory agrees with me. 


Reason 5: There’s a hot FBI agent in it. You’re welcome. Check out my pinterest board for visuals.

Reason 6: Instant gratification! The beauty of ebooks is buying it with one click and BOOM you have it.


I’d keep going but I think I made my point 😉

In all seriousness though, please buy a copy onAmazon and leave a review. I’d love to hear from everyone. We can become book buddies! 

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